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Business Plans for bank and SBA lending:

A business plan can be the key element in obtaining financing or investment funds, and it is often a requirement for a start-up. At Biz Plan Company, business plans are specifically written to address what banks and lenders will be looking for, such as cash flow available to service the debt request and ability to repay. When considering lending to a start-up, lenders will often require a guarantee from the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a condition for funding. It is important to have the right business plan to present to the SBA for your loan request.


Business Plans for Venture Capital

A business plan is usually the first thing a venture capital company asks for when interacting with a company. It is the most important document that is created during a company's start-up phase. It is imperative that the business plan is written and prepared correctly as companies may not have a second chance; in this regard, first impressions are everlasting in the business world.


Business Plans for Management

Whether starting a business, seeking to troubleshoot current business operations, or looking to expand an existing business, a business plan is a great document to compile all thoughts and analysis on paper. Every entrepreneurial undertaking needs to keep a blueprint for success on file, a carefully designed business plan meets this requirement.


Business Plans for Private Investors and Crowd Funding

We are often asked about the need to have a business plan to submit a project to a private investor or crowdfunding site like KickStarter. Our answer to this question is invariably yes. The content and thought process that goes into the creation of a business plan is essentially the same that is used to make presentations for private investors. The idea is to have something on hand to show investors that the business can, in fact, be executed upon.